We are putting together two groups of four riders (females are very welcome) for tours this Spring. You will be joining us on a ‘Recce’ trip of two new route finding tours, one in Morocco and the other here in Spain. We have decided to organise Recce trips from now on when preparing new routes for our tours.


These trips will be offered at substantially reduced rates and are a great way to join a tour and save a lot of money!


From our experience we know some of the riders joining our tours like the adventure of doing something new and exciting and enjoy the thrill of doing something which may not go 100% according to plan.


 The first tour* is for 11 days and hopefully be from 21st April - 1st May 2019 (dates to be confirmed) and will be conducted in Morocco.  Our tours so far in this amazing country have been conducted on a combination of both sealed and unsealed roads but we have found this unsuitable for some riders. So we would like to improve the itinerary we already have by choosing more sealed roads and better hotels (3 & 4 star where possible). Although most of the route is already familiar to us, some parts will be new and we will also be doing this particular tour in the opposite direction to what we have ridden on our past tours.


This will be for EXPERIENCED RIDERS who are confident spending 6-9 hours a day on all types of road surfaces (including unsealed if necessary) and is not suitable for pillions. It is designed to be challenging and should be looked upon as a real biking adventure.


The cost will be 1100€ per person and includes, airport transfers, ten nights accommodation (three in Spain and seven in Morocco) with breakfast.

 Motorcycle rental, fuel, third party liability insurance, return ferry tickets and entrance fees into attractions are also included in this price (flights, lunch/dinner/drinks and tips are not included.)


We advise anyone interested in participating in this tour to arrange travel/medical insurance (we can help you arrange this if needed) through an insurance company in the UK. The cost for 11 days is around £40.



The second tour* is for 7 days in May (dates to be confirmed) and will be conducted in Granada, Jaen and Almeria Provinces here in Andalucia, Spain. We are already familiar with most parts of Andalucia, but considering it covers an area of over 87,000 km² there are still a lot of corners yet to be discovered.  On this tour we would like to explore further north in Jaen Province and spend some days in and around Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas.



The skill level on this tour will be classed as INTERMEDIATE. The emphasis of this tour is about riding on fantastic roads through stunning scenery. Although we take a fairly laid back approach, stopping for coffee breaks and for lunch, you can still expect to be on your bike between 6 to 8 hours a day. You should be a confident rider with experience on twisty mountain roads and your pillion (if applicable) should be comfortable covering a distance of around 200 kms per-day.




The cost will be 790€ per person and includes, airport transfers, six nights accommodation with breakfast, motorcycle rental, fuel, and third party liability insurance.


Flights, lunch/dinner/drinks are not included. We also advise anyone interested in participating in this tour, that they arrange travel/medical insurance (again we can help you arrange this if needed) through an insurance company in the UK. The cost for 7 days is around £20.



Both these tours will allows us to get feedback and fine tune the tour before adding it to our main touring schedule.


 Please contact us for more information or the full itinerary of the above tours